Thursday, 24 March 2011

Personal Statement.

I suppose you could call this my new personal statement?

'My love of drawing and bright colours leads me to draw... well... brightly coloured pictures.
Since graduating from Southampton Solent University in 2009 I've been drawing pictures for people - clients to be exact. These clients have included Umbro, Time Out London and Article Magazine.

After graduating from university I ran off and travelled around Europe for a couple of months. With me I took the bare essentials of: some Marmite, a debit card, a few pens, a few sketchbooks and a big pot of ink - which in turn decided to leak a lot.
During my travels I visited a long list of cities and drew everything I could, from people and road signs, to landmarks and cityscapes. The inspiration derived from these travels fed right back into my illustrations, and I was off drawing like a crazed madman in a darkened room.

For the time being I reside in Southampton, and work as a freelance illustrator. The world around me acts as my main influence, taking note of any surreal or entertaining situations and drawing them up later on. This is an attempt to portray a sense of humour in my work...

The world at large takes itself too seriously - I just want to create images that make people smile. This has been my main aim all along.'

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Look, Cover, Draw, Check.

Billy Mather, friend, illustrator, fellow Southampton Solent graduate and all round creative genius, has started an image blog called: Look, Cover, Draw, Check.

"LOOK.COVER.DRAW.CHECK is a weekly blog from the illustrator Billy Mather.
The idea is simple, Billy is given an image at random, which he has to look at, cover up, draw from memory and then the results are shown here on the blog.
Every Wednesday there will be a new post so keep checking back.
Billy relies upon your help to keep this blog going, so if you have an image you’d like him to attempt to LOOK.COVER.DRAW.CHECK please email them to:"

Look, Cover, Draw, Check.

Billy Mather Illustration.

This Wednesday I was asked to have a go, and it was brilliantly fun.
Check out the page, send in photo, and enjoy the results. My monstrosity is pictured below...

Monday, 21 March 2011

Elizabeth and the Moon.

Just recently I have been busy creating imagery to go alongside a brilliant short story written by Owen Tromans.
Slowly but surely we are getting there, and with three images already completed and another four or five to come, this is sure damn to be good when printed.

Expect this collaboration to be complete in a month or so - stay tuned for updates.

If Crooks wore monster masks.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Logo mark-one (shown below) has won the day.
Logo mark-two has been erased from the records.

Have you ever used an umbrella company?

Instead of posting something drawing based today, what I want to do is ask you (the lucky reader) a question.

Has anyone ever used an umbrella company to work as a freelance illustrator/artist?
If so, was it a good experience, or a bad one? I'm hearing mixed responses so far.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


After far too long, I have finally designed myself a logo and a mini logo! Hooray!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Ejectorseat Arts Festival 2010

Dear blog viewers,
The imagery I have been commissioned to produce for this years 'Ejectorseat Arts Festival' in Southampton is complete, and should be all over their glorious website very soon.
But whilst you're waiting why not take a little look at this video from last years festival. Enjoy.