Friday, 31 December 2010

Time Out London.

During a smashing christmas break, my copy of Time Out London arrived and I thought I should share the images with anyone lucky enough to stumble onto this page, so here they are.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Ejectorseat Arts Festival

For the past few weeks Ollie has been really busy designing imagery for the next 'Ejectorseat Arts Festival' due to roll out and rock out in Southampton's Palmerston park in the summer of 2011. This entire army of drawings is almost complete and he is soon to post some examples for your viewing pleasure (or displeasure, depending on your opinion).

Anyway, he does not know why he's writing this in third person. But he wants some coffee now, so he's off.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Commission for 'Time Out London'

I've just finished a commission for 'Time Out London' which will be in their next (christmas) issue as a spot the difference, fun!

Oh My Days, It's almost exhibition time!

That's right ladies and gents, in the very near future my work will once again be gracing/violating (depending on your opinion) the walls of another public location.

On Thursday the 13th of January a new show will open at 'The Soul Cellar' in Southampton called 'Draw!'.
This collection of visual brilliance comes from the bearded chaps at the Johnny Toaster graphic design agency, with the first show playing host to myself, fellow Southampton Solent graduate Billy Mather and Jasper Dunk.

The opening night (on Thursday the 13th) is from 5pm to 9pm, and will no doubt come highly recommended. So stop watching the fucking X-Factor or other mundane evening TV show and get yourself down there!

For more information visit:
Or stay tuned to this 'blog' page for more details in the future.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Southampton's 'Ejectorseat Arts Festival 2011'

Flatteringly, I have been asked to design the illustrative imagery for the next Ejectorseat Art Festival which will take place in the summer of 2011, right in the heart of sunny Southampton.

The kind folks at Ejectorseat have given me a brief that allows me a tremendous amount of freedom to draw dinosaurs, monsters and anything else that flows from my 'creative' brain down to the blank page. So expect to see (family friendly) monsters playing guitars and covering themselves in paint, all in the name of creativity.

The festival itself will showcase art, illustration, film, music, poetry and much more. They may even resurrect a tyrannosaurus-rex...

More information will be excitedly posted over the next few months and into the new year, but for now if you're anywhere near Southampton in the summer, I know a cracking event to visit.